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Eero Aarnio

The finnish designer Eero Aarnio, born in 1932, studied from 1954 to 1957 at the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki and started in 1962 with his own office as an interior and industrial designer.
Engaged in new ideas of furniture he designed the Ball Chair (or globe chair) already in 1963.
It was produced some years later. Material (fibreglass) and shape were complete novelties for that time's furniture industry. The fibreglass ball is build on a metal swiveling base, and upholstered with foam/fibrefill. The original colors were white, red, black and orange.
Pastil Chair (American Industrial Design-Award 1968) and Tomato Chair can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they float!
In 1968 Aarnio designed the Bubble Chair, made from acryl and chromed steel.
At this website you'll find his recent designs e.g. Parabel table (1994), Focus chair (2000), and Tipi (2002). organized an exhibition of the fiberglass furniture of Eero Aarnio in Oporto (Portugal) in 2001.

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